Carniture ìs a venture started by Mr. Anand Kashyap and Mrs.Anchal Kashyap. Mr. Anand Kashyap belongs to the renowned Kashyap Group.The Kashyap group is specialized in automotive since 1986 in India and run by the founder and Chairman, Mr. Rajinder Kashyap.

Since the start of the company in 20 Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III in New Delhi, Kashyap Group has been representing various European car brands and is a well-known name in India.

Do you know that your automobile lives on beyond its useful life? Do you know that beautiful, emotive works of art can come from cars that have given you so much pleasure in the years past? Do you know that recycled auto parts can be the basis of works of art in terms of furniture that can adorn even the most basic homes / commercial spaces and turn them into a thing of beauty? Then meet ‘Carniture’, a platform where automobiles of yesterday become the art of tomorrow!
Yes, we at Kashyap Motors have decided to bring in a new distinct form of furniture that has taken the Western world by storm. We are creating automotive art from old vehicles no longer in active service, to bring you fond affectionate memories of everything that you hold dear to yourself from the world of automobiles. So no matter who you are – a connoisseur, an auto enthusiast or even simply a fan of the world of auto, we have the right furniture for you, whether you would like to use it at home, your farm, your office or your factory.
Throw out the normal – get something that is unique, a conversation starter that creates waves for all times. Help in our mission to recycle and thereby recreate…making our planet a more eco-friendly place, in a stylish and unique way. Fuel your automotive passion with one of our unique pieces of ‘Carniture’, and we guarantee you, people will be revving you every time!”

Our Mission

Through passionate and persistent performance, we make customized and coordinated design furniture and accessories affordable to the urban minded customer.

Our Vision

To make ‘Carniture world no.1 brand in creative and unique furniture and accessories in the most eco-friendly way.

Our Team